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S P O G A 

Master The Mind
Focus The Heart


The Cure To All Disease
Our SPOGA (Sports+Yoga) program cannot be matched, duplicated, or taught by anyone but us on this planet. Our teachings come from a variety of cultures, paying reverence to the Ancient Ancestors who have devoted their whole lives to sharing their knowledge with Mankind, and we intend to be that bridge for our athletes forever!


When training for your given sport, the ability to perform at a high level requires a mind that can master the emotions that come with competition and performance. The element of psychology in sports is crucial for all athletes, here at S3 we make sure you are prepared for game day.


This ancient remedy is scientifically proven to help balance all of those that it touches. In the western world, Yoga is percieved as a postural progression chain and measured by such, whereas the Yoga that S3 studies is rooted to the ancient scriptures of the Himalayas, the Vedas, the self- realization path of Kriya Yoga, and our ancient ancestors of Egyptian Yoga. (Kemetic Yog)

"All things are possible, who you are is limited by who you think you are."   

 -Egyptian Proverb



The bridge to All Faiths, All Religions, All Cultures... SPOGA. This is a custom designed system that is imprinted into the DNA of our school. This is what separates us from the rest of the competition GLOBALLY. There is no other Sports Performance and Spirituality School in the world, we are the first and only school where we blend sport movement and yogic powers to elevate the athletes game and overall life. When is the last time you checked in on your mental health? What does your Soul yearn for most here on Earth? We will help guide you along your path as a compass of truth and beacon of wisdom. We Meditate. We Educate. We Never Hate.

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