Why is SPOGA important?

SPOGA. Sports plus Yoga equals, “SPOGA”.

A scientific formula designed by the founder of S3, Nico Steriti. After a long career of playing sports and competing at the collegiate level, Nico was guided to develop a practice in his world of spirituality and Yoga was the key to unlocking all of his dreams. Though the journey of Self-Realization is one that could lead someone into uncharted territory; He always remained true to his vision and mission here on Earth, to aid others along their journey of awakening while also shedding the layers required to be what God has made him to be... Unconditional faith in the divine has allowed Nico to feel a vast spectrum of emotions, perceive life from a sacred eye and most importantly, connect his inner dream to his outer reality.

Nico Steriti our founder of S3 meditating with the students

Why is Spoga Important?

Sports and Spirituality go hand and hand, it is the mind and heart that need the tuning for us westerners who have not been given the chance to learn the ancient sciences that Yoga provides. Yoga is not a competition of who can hold the posture the longest, who can do the posture the best, or who has the coolest gear. Yoga is an ancient Sanskrit word that means, “To Connect”.

The true term, according to Yogi Panchvedi (Tuschita Nepal) the Sanskrit term from the Vedas is “Yog”. The Vedas were a complied scripture written in the ancient language of Sanskrit by a man named Atharva Veda, the father of the Vedic World as we know it. The four books written by this man gave humans a roadmap to a healthy and long life here on Earth as Humans as well as an understanding of their roles here. In time all things change, and over the thousands of years change has been a game humans know too well.

Nico Steriti coaching the students on the field

When competing in Sports, the mind is the key to taking your game to the next level. It is what separates the good from the great and the great from the greatest. We are all born equal, it is the one who elects to sift through the chaos of thought that becomes one with the all. Along the journey Nico learned that the bridge for the western athlete to elevate not only their game, but improve their life was this lifestyle of Yoga. The energy work, breathing techniques, meditation, chanting, and the list goes on! The healing for the mind, body and soul comes from this balance Yoga provides. The pressure kids face today are astounding in youth sports. Parents have expectations, coaches have expectations, and the athletes have their own expectations of themselves and through all of that suffering is inevitable.

“The root of all suffering is attachment.” - Buddah

Sports are designed for character development, team building and most importantly FUN.

sport /spôrt/


  1. 1. an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

Spoga is what is needed for athletes, coaches and parents and S3 intends to be this bridge for decades to come. There is no other program like it, custom built by someone who lived and lives it.

Nico Steriti coaching up our Athletes on a beach day