Who is Nico Steriti? What did he do at UNH?

Updated: Mar 11

UNH Alumni
Nico Steriti - Steriti Sports School S3

A young Nico Steriti at the University of New Hampshire.

Our first blog reflects on some words from Coach Mac, Coach McDonnell, and Nico himself. Read below to learn more about Nico and his accomplishments and overcoming injuries and more.

UNH Coach
Coach Mac - UNH

Coach Mac on Steriti: "Nico Steriti has contributed much in a myriad of different ways, statistically and otherwise, to the Wildcat football program in his four plus years. In the record books, he not only has rushed for 2571 yards, tallied 670 yards receiving and returned kicks for 648 yards for a grand total of 2889 yards, but there's this; He has completed all four of his halfback option pass attempts for 153 yards and two scores. His play has been limited by injuries this season, but he still has already scored nine touchdowns."

Nico on the season: "It's been a difficult season for me on a personal level. I've been battling through some injuries and the body doesn't recover as fast as it used to. It's worth it. We're winning games and I'm doing what I can out there, and I feel like I'm getting closer and closer to 100% every day, and it's going to be better in upcoming games."

On Senior Day: "In years past, I'd always think that it would be me eventually. Now that it's here, it's shocking that the time has flown by so fast. I've been here for those four specific days and now I'm part of it. It's weird and I'm excited at the same time."

Coach Sean McDonnell on Steriti: "Nico's play hurt, played hard. He;s running very well with the football. Obviously his numbers are not where anybody wants them to be because of the injuries. Jimmy Owens has played very well. Our quarterbacks have run the ball very well. And the great thing about Nico is, it's a team effort. He cares about one thing and that's winning and that's what we're doing. He's doing a great job leading the team and doing just that."

Coach Mac on Steriti: "He's had a heck of a career. Every year there's been one or two other good running backs with him and by the time the year has always settles he was the best running back of the bunch statistically and when we needed him the most. Those are things that have always been there. He's always gotten stronger as the season has gone along, and I still remmber the game he had against Maine up here (2011), the 170 yard game. He's always come up big when we needed him and I still expect him to do that."

Nico Played at the University of New Hampshire for all four years. Broke records, created highlight reels, and gained the respect of an entire football staff. What's next?

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