S3 X RETRO 2022

S3 family the time has finally come, we have found a home for the next 12 months! We will be operating our services out of Retro Fitness in Brick NJ and Bayville NJ starting tomorrow March 7th, 2022! Website will be LIVE tonight (3/6/22) and bookings will be available!

(Pictured above is our owner and head coach Nico Steriti in 2011 jumping over a defender.)

For those who have been with us from the beginning of this journey in 2020 before the pandemic, we thank you from the deepest parts of our heart. You have trusted our process, you have watched our business grow through trial and error, and you have played witness to the greatest sports & life performance school in the nation!

(Coach Steriti throwing a mean stiff arm against Delaware in 2012.)

There were many moments in the last 4 months where we could not see a future for S3… There were times where we just didn’t know what our future held. However, remaining resilient and true to our passion has allowed us to push through those challenging thoughts and trying times, just to set up our home in not just one, but TWO locations 20 miles apart!

(Coach Steriti coaching in an ALL AMERICAN HS FOOTBALL game in Atlantic City NJ 2021)

We are truly blessed and grateful for this opportunity that Retro Fitness is providing for us, we will not DISAPPOINT!

It is finally time to take Ocean County athletes to the NEXT LEVEL.

(The author side of Coach Steriti doing a photoshoot for his book release, ’Yaku & Dony Visit Central Park’ as -Yahweh DiCosmo in 2018)

Sign up today and get ready to transform your life.

-Coach Nico Steriti

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