Muscle Fiber Composition

Are you an athlete who is looking to improve your overall speed? Increase your strength totals? Gain a leg on the competition by learning about the sensitivity of the muscle fiber components that you can actually change with the appropriate training?

Your muscle fiber content is broken down into three types of compositions, the first being Type 1 (slow twitch) , the second being Type 2A (intermediate twitch) and the third being Type 2B (fast twitch).

Upon your training, one must be mindful of the detrimental impact over bearing weight training does, not only to the context of the muscles but the joints themselves!

You are born with genetic make-up that can be altered through will power and technical forms of training. Can a marathon runner become an elite level sprinter? Most likely not, due to the genetic make-up this runner was born with! Marathon and distance cyclists are born with Type 1 muscle fibers, where they can store oxygen in the muscle for a longer duration, slowly dispersing the oxygen into the muscle, providing the necessary physiology to participate productively in the given event.

A sprinter has a muscle fiber composition that is designed to hold immense amount of oxygen and disperse this power instantly, leading to fatigue far sooner than the distance runner. This is why sprinters struggle with long distance running and the same idea goes for the distance runner in regards to sprinting.

Above is an example of what each muscle fiber type consists of and how they operate. So what can we learn from this educational blog? Well for starters, KNOW how the muscles operate kinetically. Know the energy system of the muscles so you can prepare accordingly and increase your chances of accomplishing your goals! Do your research and beat your competition where all things begin and end… IN THE MIND!

- Dr. Speed

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