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June 25, 2022 at 12:00PM
S3 National Combine Series
National High School Football Combine
About the S3 National Combine Series
The S3 Combine is the gold standard of combines for all football athletes in New Jersey. All combine participants will be evaluated by S3 Combine Trainers, Skill Position Coaches, strength and conditioning coaches. Also with every registration each athlete will recieve a personalized custom jersey. We will also provide data from your testing to every D1 recruiting department in the country. This is definitely one of a kind experience.

The industry leading S3 national combine is a must for any athlete that wants to earn a scholarship to a D1 University. Sign up for the S3 combine today!
1225 Raider Way
Toms River, NJ
4 Speakers
Football Guests
100 Spots
June 25
Coach and Player
All athletes that sign up will be added to the S3 Prospect Portal. All your statistics from the combine will be recorded and sent to every D1 Football College recruiting staff.

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