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"Yaku & Dony Visit Central Park"

A Children's Book For Adults

This was the beginning of a cosmic relationship between two mystical creatures, Yaku & Dony!

 The Ibis and The Raven!

The Raven plummets into despair, finding a loving friend who cares only for Dony to grow into a strong Soul!

Yaku & Dony Visit Central Park

A Children's Book For Adults


"Love; In Your Pocket's Heart Forever".

This was a collection of poems written in an adventourous fashion for the truth seeker.

Love; In Your Pocket's Heart Forever

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"Dony & Yaku Hit The Himalayas"

A Children's Book For Adults
The Raven and The Ibis depart America and seek love and truth in the Himalayan Region of Pokhara and Kathmandu Nepal.
Having The Ibis as The Raven's Master, Yaku leads Dony to a new friend, Jeesh-Ra the Mountain Cow.
As Dony learns from this majestic creature, realizations unfold!

Dony & Yaku Hit The Himalayas

A Children's Book For Adults

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