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In Order To Become The Best, One Must Train With The Best.

At Steriti Sports School S3, we provide the environment you need to perform your best. Nurture your health with our weekly mind+body S3 sessions and build soulful relationships through our family construct. We offer private training and group classes to meet your needs. Call us today at 732-575-9500 to learn more and register. 


How the S3 Family works to make you your best

We know that sports require the grind, the blood, the sweat and tears… We know it requires sacrifice, commitment, and discipline… We know there are no guarantees in life… Yet, our intentions remain concrete, providing a lifestyle not many human beings have had the chance to experience.


We guarantee you will not only improve your skill set, but also improve your mindset. We will usher in a new way of living that will transform the modern Human.

Through Love, All Things Are Possible.


Our mission is simple: to aid in the development of all Human Beings longterm along their journey of Life.


We operate through 3 axis: Speed. Strength. Spirituality. 


We strive to help our athletes achieve greatness on the field and encourage them to balance the stress that comes with sports by our daily practice of mindfulness.




Our strength, conditioning, speed, agility, flexibility, mobility, and ENDURABILITY is what makes us our own design. We do not go off of the old models of powerlifting, instead we focus on mastering our body movements through core balancing exercises and translating our power into sports specific movements all while training at a pace that matches our sports intensity. Each day is a new day with a new fire, why limit ourselves to heavy weights and heavy ideas when our body is being bound by the heaviness of gravity? We assure you that you will feel the difference in a matter of days, this is a PROVEN SCIENCE.

To add to the science of our program we also provide JOURNALS for the athlete to document their workouts, study our exercises and sciences, our history lessons, and most importantly a MENTAL DIARY of their experiences. A safe place for the athletes to grow as HUMANS!

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“Cut From Different Cloth”

We strive to convey this philosophy into our athletes by the way we treat one another and the way we compete against each other, afterall we are all unique.

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Our Spoga (Sports+Yoga) program cannot be matched, duplicated, or taught by anyone but us on this planet. Our teachings come from a variety of cultures, paying reverence to the Ancient Ancestors who have devoted their whole lives to sharing their knowledge with Mankind, and we intend to be that bridge for our athletes forever!

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No Matter Where A Person Is From

Everyone is One

No One is better than the other

And We Must All Come Together





Todd 3:18



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