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Learn more about where S3 came from. Learn about the guru and how he became

one of the best sports performance coaches in New Jersey.


The Family



Steriti Sports School is a modern day visionary. This design comes from experience, being led by our owner and founder Nico Steriti.


Nico served his time in his sport playing days, earning (NJ) All-State honors in Football as a running back (2010), earning a full scholarship to attend the University of New Hampshire and play football (2010-2014) and earning his Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology: Physical Education Pedagogy (2014).

Nico has also traveled to the Himalayan region of Pokhara Nepal, where he studied the Vedic principles of life with Yogi Panchvedi of Tushita Nepal Meditation Retreats for 15 days.

Nico has also been a practitioner of an Ancient Science called Kriya Yoga for 5+ years, which derives from India’s blend of Masters. The most recent known Yogi of this practice went by the name, “Paramahansa Yogananda”. We hope this information of our program and its roots give you a better idea of our goals and depth...

All of this knowledge balanced with elite level sports and life performance training is a recipe for guaranteed improvement in movement, mind, and our ability to out compete our opponent. 


Nico Steriti

Along this path, writing became the solace needed to grow as a person, becoming a self-published poet of four books!

  • Love; In Your Pocket’s Heart Forever

  • Yaku & Dony Visit Central Park

  • Dony & Yaku Hit The Himalayas

  • Don't Mess With Tehuti {Yahweh DiCosmo

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